Spring 2017 has sprung

It’s all action here at the moment. After a dry April the first two weeks of May we had NO rain whatsoever, mostly unbroken sunshine, and had to take water out to the poultry and  improvise a plastic pond for them.

Tilly the baby Golden Guernsey arrived in March and is growing very quickly.

We bought some new bees (from Mike at  www,thebeeman,co.uk), and a few days ago also caught our first swarm, so now we have two hives! They seem quite gentle – only only one sting so far, despite our inexperienced handling.

A new round of Avian flu regulations means that we have had to imprison the ducks and geese . again, while a determined but somewhat confused turkey is sitting on a pile of hen eggs. Don’t know what she’ll make of them if any hatch (still a long way to go).

Three days ago one of our late lambing Shetland ewes produced two tiny and extremely cute lambs.

So all in all, a busy time of it. Hope your permaculturing is as exciting as ours!



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