About Us

We are Justin and Evelyn. We have been married many years, and have children and grandchildren. We have lived in the English Lake District, Cumbria for most of our adult lives and are based in the Ambleside / Hawkshead area.

Our background and qualifications include:

  • Permaculture
  • Environmental and Conservation Management
  • Facilities Management
  • Education, Training and Development
  • Farming, Forestry, Estate Work, Gardening and Rural Crafts
  • Keeping livestock, smallholding
  • Construction (contemporary, traditional and low-impact, eco- build)
  • Home Education

Justin’s background includes over thirty years work on the land, across a range of disciplines: agriculture, horticulture, forestry, estate management and building; as a worker, manager and contractor. He has a BA degree and holds the Diploma in Applied Permaculture and a Level 3 teaching qualification.

Evelyn is an independent and highly trained Educator, with extensive experience devising and delivering tuition and training. She has been involved with: home education, special needs and hospital tuition, adult education and craft training.  She has a BSc degree, a Certificate in Education, and additional education and training qualifications including a postgraduate certificate.

We offer knowledge based on work experience, research and study, and although we do not claim to know everything, along the way we have gathered lots of information and resources.

The world is facing economic, climatic and environmental challenges. We see these as:

“. . . opportunity for a more creative, localised, interdependent
and meaningful world”

Tim Winton