Goats are back!

After a couple of years without goats, we are back in business.

Molly, a young  Saanen, and her two billy kids arrived safely at the Lakeland Permaculture smallholding on 15th September, after a trip from Morecambe. On the way we needed to call in at the vet, as Molly had an undiagnosed swelling on her knee. It turned out to be an abscess, which has since been treated and she is making a good recovery.

What the other people and small furry creatures at the afternoon surgery made of our visit, and the mess Molly left, was not clear.

Molly has to be one of the most friendly and laid-back animals ever. She has put up with what must have been painful attentions to her knee, and the move to a whole new home, without a single grumble. The only times we hear her crying are either when she has decided it’s meal time, or when the kids go too far away among the bushes and she can’t see them.

They are all currently enjoying foraging among the brambles and some branches the local gardener had pruned from nearby shrubs and fruit trees.

Now that we aren’t having to poke her sore knee several times a day, we can start teaching her about being hand-milked. The kids are just about ready to be weaned, anyway.

Photo to follow


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